Mushroom Ramen


I’ve been trying to get myself to like mushrooms for a while. I am not a huge fan, likely because they were forced on me after I became a vegetarian to the point where they were no longer fun. However, they are in so many tasty looking vegetarian dishes, I am determined to get over this feeling of disgust. This is one of my many recent attempts.


A splash of oil (I used canola)

1 Onion, Coarsely Chopped

2 Monster pieces of garlic

A dash of ginger powder you need to get rid of

6 Cups of Stock- I like better than bullion, so really water then stock

2 Tbsp Soy Sauce

A Handful of baby Bella mushrooms, roughly chopped

3 or more carrots, roughly chopped

A Head of Bok Chop, roughly chopped

10 oz of tofu, sliced (Mine was frozen, so it was a bit easier to drain)

20 oz ramen



Starting the stock

  1. Place pot on stove, and set stove at a medium temperature and let it warm up for what seems like forever because it is electric.
  2. Add oil to pot, probably a bit more than intended.
  3. Throw in onions and let them cook until they are a bit brown around the edges.
  4. Add garlic and a few mushrooms for taste and stir until it is fragrant.
  5. Add 2 cups of stock and stir.
  6. Add soy sauce and the rest of the mushrooms.
  7. Taste, to make sure the flavor works for you.
  8. Bring to a boil then let simmer while you work on everything else.

Prepping the Veggies

  1. Chop your vegetables and prep your tofu (drain it, chop it, etc)
  2. Wait for your room mate to finish with her dinner because you do your best not to be a kitchen hog.
  3. Cook your tofu Mark Bittman style by putting it in a small bit of oil with no coating.
  4. Add vegetables with a bit of miso and soy sauce after tofu is at desired consistency.

Putting it all together

  1. Boil water and add ramen once it is boiling.
  2. Once cooked, pour stock in bowls and add a scoop of ramen.
  3. Top with vegetables and tofu (and maybe some sesame seeds) and enjoy!


See Pictures Below!


All the Ingredients


Mushrooms set to cook

Cooking the Tofu


Veggies marinating


Putting it all together


Ready to eat!


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